Triniti Club Tennis BCase - Wilson Discount Store

Triniti Club Tennis BCase - Wilson Discount Store

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The evolution of the first performance tennis bdesigned with fully recyclable packaging, Triniti Club gets even more eco-friendly in a 72-bmaster carton, eliminating the need for individual sleeves. Designed for clubs and academies, this setup is ideal for players and coaches to place balls directly into their baskets. The bcore integrates a unique plastomer material that impressively extends fresh bfeel, while STR Felt provides enhanced durability and is 50% more flexible than the standard bfor better feel at contact. This blend of new core material and flexible felt allows this bto maintain enough liveliness to exist outside of a pressurized can. Between a combination of innovative btechnology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

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